5 Reasons To Choose Iron Fencing For The Interior Of Your Home

28 July 2015
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Iron fencing is typically installed on the exterior of a home as a great way to offer privacy, property borders, and curb appeal. The same high-quality fencing can also be used on the interior of your home. For both decorations and practical use, iron fencing has a lot of applications inside the home. If you love the look of iron gates and fences, then consider how you can expand the use inside your home. Check it out below!

Pet Areas

Dogs and cats can often be too rowdy to let them roam free in the home. Instead of using baby gates or something that is sore to the eyes, you can install iron gates and fencing to help designate pet areas.

For example, if you want a small pen for your animal in the basement for when you're not home, iron fences can provide a sturdy surrounding area. The fences are stable, easy to clean, and can have decorative features. Small iron gates can be added between rooms. For example, you can set a gate between the kitchen and living room to keep a dog out of the kitchen.

Stair Cases

Traditional stair cases usually feature wooden rails. Add some style to your staircase with iron fences. There are a lot of customization options you can add to iron stair railings. The iron posts between the rails can be finished with a number of designs and decorations including curved patterns or custom letters.

The finials on the rail are the top caps of each iron bar. They can be evened off for easy grip or feature round designs to grab on your down or up the stairs.

Interior Balconies

Similar to stair rails, interior balconies often have a viewing rail that looks over an open room like a living room. The rails on these balconies can be crafted in an iron design. Depending on the decor of your home, there are a number of different styles you can choose from for the balcony.

One of your options for this is the color. A majority of iron fences are made with a black finish, but you can select from a bronze or white finish to help match other finishes in the home.

Basement & Closet Areas

Help protect areas of your home from children or snoops. By installing an iron door on basement or closet areas, you can have a more stable door in your home. The iron door is hard to break down and can help keep valuables safe with the addition of a secure lock.

For bedrooms, an iron door on your closet can help protect guns and jewelry while adding a decorative touch to the room.

Display Areas & Media Cases

For media cases in your home, you want to have the ability to see books and DVDs, but also the protection to keep all the items secure. This is where a beautiful iron fence comes in. Custom designed iron fences can be installed on a living room display case. The spaces between the iron bars allow you to easily see through to the display case while giving you the ability to lock and secure everything inside.

Along with media cases, the iron fences can be used to block off a display area in your home. Exterior fences are often used to keep people off gardens of other property areas. The same type of fence can be used on the interior of your home. It can be used to block off collectibles, indoor plants, or even special displays like a family memorial and urn. The fences will naturally keep guests, children, and pets away from your special items.

If you have an idea for the best ways to install iron fences in your home, then you should contact a fencing contractor. They can help you plan and come up with ideas for making the installation a reality.