Four Ways Dogs Can Escape From Less-Than-Perfect Fencing

15 March 2017
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If you have a dog, having a fenced-in yard can make life much more convenient. You can let your dog out by himself when it's cold and know that he won't wander off. Of course, fences are not always as secure as you want them to be, and dogs are pretty good at escaping when you least expect it! Make sure you check over your fence carefully so your dog does not escape using any of these sneaky tactics.

Using footholds.

If you have an "open" fence with space between rails, you may assume your dog can't escape since he can't fit between the rails. However, while dogs cannot always climb long distances, they can use rails as footholds to propel themselves over a fence. If your fence has rails, you can attach some mesh onto the inside of it so that your dog cannot reach the rails with his feet.

Stepping on items next to the fence.

If there's a table, chair, or even bush next to your fence, consider that your dog could climb onto it and then jump over the fence. Make sure you move items away from the fence before you put your dog outside. If there are permanent structures, like bushes, next to the fence, you should consider removing them.

Digging under the fence.

Your fence can be incredibly solid and ten feet tall -- but your dog can still dig under it if he has enough time! Luckily, there is an easy way you can guard against this. Dig a trench along the inside of the fence, and fill it with pre-mixed concrete. Make sure your trench is at least 2 feet deep. Let the concrete harden, and then bury it in dirt and replant grass or some flowers. If your dog starts digging, he will reach concrete and be unable to go any further.

Pushing through a loose board.

If there is a board or rail that's a little loose, your dog may be able to push it out or to the side and sneak through the fence. To ensure this does not happen, take a stroll along the fence each week and press on each of the boards. If you find a loose one, nail or screw it back into place before your dog finds it.

If your fence is starting to break down and your dog is breaking out a lot, then perhaps it is time to replace it. Contact a fencing company in your area to get started today.