Maintaining Your Chain Link Fence Properly

1 August 2017
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Chain link fencing is one of the most weather resistant, durable and low-maintenance fencing you can have installed. However, it isn't completely maintenance free, that is, if you want to make sure that your chain link fence stays strong and good looking for many years. You can learn about some of the maintenance tips you want to follow when you want to get the most out of your fence and the information here will help you do so:

Protect the chain link fence against rusting

Chain link fences are great when it comes to withstanding extreme heat, freezing temperatures, extreme moisture and strong winds. However, this doesn't mean that they can't rust if you haven't taken the proper steps to ensure this doesn't happen. You want to make sure you spray a coat of clear coat rust protection on the fencing, unless this has already been done for you prior to installation.

Keep the hinges to all opening gates oiled

If you start to notice that any of the gates are starting to make a squeaking sound when you go to open them, or you notice they have some resistance to them that wasn't there before then you should oil the hinges. You can use a product such as WD-40 and you'll want to spray it directly in the hinges. Once you have sprayed it, you want to open and close the gate more than a few times so you make sure you work the oil all the way through the hinges.

Don't forget to keep the fence clean regularly

Giving your fence a good blast with a high-powered hose regularly can help to keep it looking clean for longer, but you should also wash it once in a while. Using a large sponge like the kind you would use to wash your car with some liquid dish soap and water in a bucket of water to wash down the fence will work great. The, just spray the soap refinance off with your high-powered hose nozzle. Following these steps will help the fence maintain its nice and shiny look.

Always be on the lookout for holes

While it's true that chain link fences are very strong, they aren't completely indestructible. Always make a point to take a look at your fencing while you are out in the yard. If you notice a hole or an area where one or more links have come undone then you want to have it repaired right away. Problems such as these leave your yard vulnerable to animals getting through, or people looking to victimize your household or belongings.

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