3 Steps to Choosing the Right Chain Link Fence for Your Yard When You Have Small Children

12 October 2017
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Did you just move into a new home that has a back yard that is not fenced in and have small children? Although children should always be supervised when playing in the yard, you are likely eager to have that yard fenced in to add an extra layer of protection for your children. Little ones move quickly, and the right fence can stop them in their tracks before they run into the street or into a neighbor's yard. 

A chain link fence is a great, affordable option for fencing in a yard to keep children safer while playing. Read on to learn three steps to choosing the right chain link fence for your yard when you have small children. 

1. Choose the Fence Wire Material

There are two main types of wire used to make chain link fences: aluminum and steel. Each has their advantages and disadvantages.

 Aluminum is lightweight, yet very strong and weather-resistant. It is typically recommended for home use due to its resistance to rust, especially in homes with small children. Rust is not only unsightly, but also poses a health hazard to humans. While it is a myth that rust itself can cause tetanus, the bacterium that causes tetanus, c. tetani, can penetrate into the pores of a rusty metal. If your child were to cut themselves on a corroded area of a rusty fence that has come to a sharp point, they could develop a life-threatening tetanus infection that would need immediate treatment. You can avoid this hazard by choosing aluminum over steel fencing. 

2. Pick Your Fence Mesh Size

One fear you may have when choosing a chain link fence for your yard to protect your small children is the possibility of them climbing it and then falling and injuring themselves. Thankfully, this can be prevented by choosing the right chain link fence mesh size. 

Chain link fence mesh sizes range from 3 1/2 inches to 3/8 inch. It is important to choose a chain link mesh size that little shoes cannot fit into. The American Society for Testing and Materials recommends that chain link fences that surround playgrounds have no openings in them that are over 1 1/4 inches wide. That means that you should choose a mesh size that is less than 1 1/4 inches, although smaller is better if you have small children with tiny feet. 

3. Choose Your Powder Fence Coating Color Wisely

While you can leave your chain link fence uncoated, having a powder coating applied to the metal allows you to customize its color and even increase its lifespan by making it more weather resistant. A powder coating is the most popular type of coating applied to aluminum chain link fences.

A powder coating will offer additional corrosion resistance to your fence along with additional UV resistance, which will keep it from getting hot on those sunny days. Choosing a powder coating in a light color will also help keep it from overheating and potentially burning little fingers. 

For more information, contact local chain link contractors.