Fence Barrier Tips For Dog Owners

25 January 2018
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When it comes to keeping your dogs secured in the yard, the best investment you can make is dog fencing. Unfortunately, some dogs still turn into little escape artists or get into tousles with the dogs next door. If you're struggling with issues with your pup even after fencing the yard, here are a few things that you can do to combat the problem.

Keep Your Dog Away From The Fence

If you have a dog that likes to jump the fence, you can discourage that by adding thick, dense landscaping along the inside of the fence line. By putting a bit of distance between your dog and the fence this way, you can make it harder for your pup to jump the top of the fence.

Shrubs like this are also ideal for keeping patrolling pups away from the fence line. If your dog likes to pace the fence, especially if the pup tends to bark at the neighbors and neighboring pets, the shrubs can help to obstruct the view of what's going on beyond the fence, settling some of the chaos.

Block Visibility Through The Fence

Chain link fence is great for keeping your dog in, but it doesn't do much for eliminating distractions and keeping your pup from watching what's going on around the property. If your dog has a tendency to get over-excited about what's around, the best way to keep the pup quiet and calm is to block the view through the fence.

You can invest in fence slats that will weave through the chain link and block off the view through the fence. As an alternative, you can even weave something like bamboo through it. This will give your fence a more decorative appearance while also contributing privacy to your property and keeping your dog from barking.

Stop Diggers With A Footer

Dogs who dig under the fence are real escape artists. If your fence isn't installed very deep, it's difficult to stop this kind of behavior. The best way to do it is by installing a footer inside the fence. For example, you can install a piece of wire fencing that's shaped like an "L" to help discourage digging. Put the fence piece flat against the inside of the fence with the bottom portion either on the ground or installed below the ground. Installing it below the ground requires trenching, but can be more effective at discouraging diggers.