Fencing A Home In A High-Wind Area

28 August 2018
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Wind gusts can pose a serious problem for homeowners looking to outline the perimeter of their properties with a durable fence. Strong winds can cause damage to many fences, but there are some options that you can investigate if you want to protect your property despite the high winds in your area.

Chain-link fencing is the perfect option for fencing a home in a high-wind area.

Open Surface Space

One of the major advantages that chain-link fencing can offer to homeowners who are subject to strong winds on a regular basis is a lot of open surface space.

Vinyl or wood-slat fencing creates a wind barrier. The wind comes to an abrupt stop when hitting these types of fences because the slats offer no open surface space for the wind to pass through. The risk of a fence being blown down by strong wind gusts is higher when wind cannot easily pass through the fencing material.

Chain-link offers maximum wind transfer, ensuring that your fence will remain standing well into the future.


Some homeowners might be hesitant to invest in a chain-link fence because they feel these fences cannot offer the privacy they are looking for. Rather than investing in a vinyl or wood-slat fence that lacks the stability to stand up to high winds, opt to plant a living privacy shield inside your chain-link fence instead.

Trees or shrubs that establish deep roots are much stronger than any man-made fencing material, so they can withstand exposure to strong winds. These plants will give you the privacy you need while enhancing the beauty of your home's landscape.


Because a fence is such a prominent feature on your property, you want to ensure that your fence retains its beauty through the years. Fencing materials that don't allow for wind transfer can become worn by the dirt and debris carried on the wind over time.

As sand, rocks, and other debris slam into your fence, the fence itself can start to look dated and dull. A chain-link fence has a woven pattern that provides very little surface area for debris carried into the fence by the wind to damage. Your chain-link fence will retain its aesthetic appeal with very little maintenance, even in the face of strong winds.

Don't let high winds stop you from enjoying the benefits a perimeter fence can offer. Ask your local fence company about chain-link fencing for your home.