Why Do You Need a Deer Fence?

30 October 2018
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A deer fence is a fence that makes it hard for deer—both mule and white species—to get onto your property. These fences are often built at a slope or angle to make jumping over them very difficult. Since deer are prey animals who can jump very far and high, the average fence will be no challenge to them. A deer fence is best for keeping these large pests out.

Why would you want to put a deer fence around your property? Deer are both curious and beautiful to look at, so why would you want to keep them at bay? Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a deer fence for your yard. Your fence contractor will help you select the right style for your needs and will give you a quote for installation.

Deer destroy your landscape

Deer are large animals and often come in a herd. This means, if there's one deer in your yard there will be more. Deer trample on flowers and tear up grass. These creatures also eat—a lot—and will quickly gulp down decorative shrubbery, flowers, fruit from trees, and even branches, leaves, and tree bark. Deer will destroy your entire landscape quickly, leaving behind an expensive mess for you to clean up later.

Deer are messy

Since deer are herbivorous creatures, they digest food quickly due to all the fiber they ingest. Like cattle, deer defecate randomly and often, leaving behind pellets all over your yard. These deer droppings are hard to clean up, particularly if you have large herds in your yard at one time.

Deer return again and again

Once deer have decided that your property is a fine place to get food, water, and even shelter, the creatures will continue to return. They may bring their offspring or even other members of their herd. Or, deer will feel comfortable lurking just around your property line, creating a distraction when people drive by or even for yourself as you try to avoid the creatures whenever you're behind the wheel.

Yes, deer are beautiful creatures and you're delighted to see them so comfortable around your property. Before long, however, these same deer will overstay their welcome and become more of a pest. A deer fence will provide you the privacy you desire while keeping deer safe and at bay. Your fencing contractor, like Straight Shooter Game Fencing, will install this type of fence for you.