4 Reasons Why Wrought Iron Fences Are The Perfect Match For An Outdoor Patio

25 March 2019
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If you're thinking of fencing in your outdoor patio enclosure, you should know that wrought iron is one of the best choices. The beauty of wrought iron adds a rustic feel to your patio, and it also provides practical benefits: fencing keeps strangers from being able to easily access your patio door and the adjacent windows, and it prevents kids and pets from being able to wander away from your patio during family gatherings. Why is wrought iron fencing one of the best choices for patios? Read on for four reasons.

1. Integrates Well With Other Wrought Iron Landscaping Features

One major advantage of using a wrought iron fence for your patio, rather than another material, is that wrought iron is easy to integrate into your landscape design. Wrought iron patio furniture and hardscaping features such as flower trellises are commonly used in rustic landscaping, and they will seamlessly blend in with your fencing. Other types of fencing such as vinyl that you may be considering for your patio enclosure can easily look-out-of place when placed against a landscape design that includes cast furniture and hardscaping features.

2. Powder Coating Makes Iron Fencing Easy to Maintain

Most wrought iron fencing is powder-coated, and this makes the fence very easy to maintain. Wrought iron fences need to be periodically primed and painted in order to ward away rust, which can quickly cause the fence to become damaged. The powder coating process chemically bonds paint to the iron itself, creating a very strong protective layer of paint that won't easily chip or break off. Powder-coated wrought iron fences have almost zero maintenance requirements — you only need to rinse them with water to prevent pollen and algae from accumulating on the fence.  

3. Iron's Durability Stops Your Fence From Being Easily Damaged

Wrought iron fences are simply one of the most durable types of fencing available thanks to the sheer strength of wrought iron. Aluminum fencing is susceptible to becoming bent and wooden fencing will eventually begin to rot away. You don't have to worry about your wrought iron patio fencing becoming accidentally damaged, as it's impervious to rot and the iron bars take an extreme amount of force to bend. A wrought iron fence is a durable, long-lasting investment that will become a fixture of your patio for decades.

4. Small Patio Enclosures Keep Installation and Material Costs Low

The price of wrought iron fencing can be an impediment for many homeowners. It's one of the most expensive types of fencing available due to the cost of producing it. Additionally, shipping a large quantity of iron fencing to your home can also be expensive due to the weight of the product. However, this makes it a perfect choice for patio fencing — fencing in a small patio enclosure doesn't require many posts or rails, which keeps costs low. It's a much less expensive way for your landscape to feature the beauty of wrought iron fencing compared to installing it as a perimeter fence.

Overall, wrought iron fencing is a great choice for your small patio enclosure. Its durability, rustic appeal, and ability to integrate with other wrought iron landscaping features make it the perfect match for a patio. If you're interested in enclosing your patio with a wrought iron fence, contact a fence contractor that installs wrought iron fencing and schedule an appointment. Your patio dimensions will be measured and you'll receive a quote for how much the materials and installation will cost.

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