Five Reasons to Choose a Vinyl-Coated Fence

15 June 2020
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If you are looking for a security fence for your property, consider getting a vinyl-coated chain link. This durable option could be the perfect addition to your building.

1. Fence Longevity

Chain link fences are already one of the more longer-lasting fence choices available. Their one weakness is that they can eventually develop rust or corrosion. Once you add a vinyl coating to the entire chain link fence, though, that issue no longer exists. A vinyl-coated fence might be the last fence you need to purchase for your property.

2. Harder to Climb

Although chain link fencing is prized as a security fence due to its durability and strength, it does have one weakness: the openings in the chain can make it easy to climb. Coating the fence chain with vinyl reduces the ease of climbing because the openings in the chain are too small once coated for safe footing. Combining a vinyl coating with other anti-climb designs, such as barb wire, increased height, or a roll bar along the top, can make it nearly impossible to easily scale the fence.

3. Less Chance of Damage

Most chain link repairs are the result of damage. Bent chain, especially along the bottom edge, is one common type of damage. Another is if an intruder will cut through links to create an opening. Vinyl coating the chain link makes it harder to bed and to cut through, which reduces the chances of damage. If you combine vinyl coating with extras like reinforced bottom railings it can become nearly impossible to damage the fence without a lot of effort.

4. Appearance Improvements

A common complaint about chain link fencing is that it is bland and boring. Most fencing companies offer vinyl-coated chain link in black, green, white, or brown. Some fencing companies can also offer custom vinyl colors, so you can match the fence even better to your building's exterior. The addition of decorative finials on fence posts can further enhance the appearance so that your vinyl-coated fence is anything but boring.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Much like a plain chain link, vinyl-coated chain link fencing is cost-effective. Not only is it relatively inexpensive to install, but the lack of necessary maintenance and few repairs also ensures that even fence maintenance is inexpensive. Further, you don't need to save up for an eventual replacement since the fence will last a lifetime.

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