Refreshing The Curb Appeal Of Your Wooden Fence? 3 Colors You Can Use

27 January 2021
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The first thing passersby notice when walking near your property is the condition of the fence. If the fence is well-installed and maintained, and is beautiful, the overall curb appeal of your property goes up. On the other hand, when the fence is in bad or imperfect shape, it affects the entire home's image. You should consider several factors when choosing a fence color. Where possible, it should blend with the rest of the landscape. 

For example, a white fence will look perfect when the shrubbery or plants behind it include pink roses. A brown fence will also look amazing next to green shrubbery. Painting the fence is the best way to make it happen. If you have a wooden fence and want to repaint it, here are three paint colors that will help refresh it and boost its curb appeal.

Choose Black

Black is one of the least thought about colors when homeowners are planning to paint their fences. The color is intense, and it makes a bold statement about your property. However, black is also an excellent neutral background for your outdoors. It forms the perfect contrast with yellow trees in the fall and the flowers in the spring. Black is also perfect against green grass, regardless of the season. Moreover, black also hides dirt and dust extremely well. 

Go for Blue

Blue is also an excellent color for a fence painting project. You can paint your fence blue when you want it to look extraordinary. The color works really well when you already have gray, white, or beige shades in some parts of your home. Blue comes in various shades. You can choose the darker ones if you just want to add some colors to your fence or make it stand out. On the other hand, if you want an airy and subtle feeling in your yard, choose the lighter blue shades.

Get a Natural Wood Stain

If you like a home with that natural and rustic appeal, choose the natural wood stain. A stain is a little different from paint because it comes in a variety of shades. There are clear stains and dark brown ones. Also, unlike the paint, it will create a natural texture on your fence, giving it a rustic look. You can also get gray and other shades that mimic the appearance of different wood types.

A competent fence painting professional will help you choose the perfect color for your residential fence. Additionally, they will paint it for you to ensure that the outcome is what you had envisioned. A fresh coat of paint on your fence is the best way to refresh your outdoor appearance. 

Contact a local fence painting service today for more information.