Fencing Solutions For Dogs

24 April 2023
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If you purchased a home that does not already contain a fence, you may be interested in having an enclosure installed that will safely contain your dog. Consider the following solutions when preparing your fencing project.

Fencing Materials

A fencing contractor may recommend having wooden panels, vinyl panels, or chainlink panels installed on your property. The type of dog breed that you own affects their temperament, which can have a bearing on which type of fencing will be the most adequate.

Wooden panels and vinyl panels will provide your pet with a private enclosure. Both of these types of fencing are well-suited for dogs that bark a lot at other animals and people.

If you own a large dog breed, but aren't too concerned about the privacy factor, a chainlink fence will provide an effective barrier. Your dog will not be able to chew through chainlink fencing panels. A chainlink fence will be easy to maintain, plus will supply plenty of visibility on your property.

The Height Of The Enclosure

The height of the new fence should be carefully considered. You will want to choose a fencing product that will not allow your pet to escape the confines of the border. A fencing contractor may specialize in installing picket-style fencing or tall fencing products.

Either of these fencing styles will improve the aesthetics of your property, without placing your pet at risk of running away. During a consultation with a fencing contractor, the contractor will show you various fence designs and material heights that can be used to construct the new enclosure.

Digging Concerns

If your dog tends to dig when they spend time outdoors, you will need to be certain that the new fencing style that you select will not provide your pet with an escape route along the bottom of a fencing panel. The contractor who you hire may prepare a custom fencing design that will discourage or prevent your pet from digging.

Many modern fence panel designs consist of metal or wooden components that reach the ground. A fence style like this will not allow your pet to escape the confines of the yard. Some fencing products can be anchored deep into the ground.

If your pet is able to dig holes that are a considerable depth, ask your property fencing service contractor to show you some fencing designs that will provide adequate coverage, both under the surface of the ground and above it.